ludwig seeburger stiftung entrance


The married couple Karin Maria Seeburger and Johannes Hubertus Michels established the Ludwig Seeburger Stiftung in 2020 in the legal form of an unregistered association.

The registered office of the corporation, which is recognized as a non-profit organization, is located in Maulbronn.
The Ludwig Seeburger Stiftung is politically, denominationally, financially and culturally independent.

Through the goals of the foundation, the founders express their commitment to art and culture, their personal and professionals interests in the fields of architecture, international adult education in foreign languages as well as intercultural dialogue and their open-mindedness towards other cultures.

The Latin words “Porta patet, cor magis” are meaningful guiding principles of the Ludwig Seeburger Stiftung in the implementation of its goals: “The door stands open, the heart more so.”


The Ludwig Seeburger Stiftung n.e.V. pursues exclusively and directly non-profit goals.
It is committed to the promotion of art and culture. Its activities support the concept idea of international understanding and promote international engagement encounters. With the preservation of the Seeburger family house, it makes a contribution to the preservation and protection of historical monuments.


The goals of the Ludwig Seeburger Stiftung are realized in particular through the creation and promotion of cultural offerings and creative uses in the existing rooms of the foundation.

The spectrum of offerings and uses includes

  • Events for the cultivation and promotion of contacts between people who are connected to the cultural roots of the association and are interested in dialogue
  • Exhibitions, house concerts, readings, lectures, and workshops
  • Artist in Residence (AiR) residencies in Maulbronn for painters, photographers, writers, composers or architects from Germany and abroad
  • Offer of accommodation and sponsorship for Foreign Language Assistants at Maulbronn schools

Further funding priorities are

  • the permanent professional care and preservation of the Seeburger family’s architectural monument, including the outbuilding and gardens
  • the support of the „Steinhauerstube“ (stone mason shop), the village museum in Maulbronn-Schmie